Companies partner with Valin for results.  Read these case studies to learn how we achieve more together.

Submitted by Ashley Raimondi || Valin Corporation

A project engineer from a large mining company was looking for strainers to implement into their cooling water supply lines to prevent debris blockage. Valin partnered with Eaton to provide the best solution.

Submitted by Des-Case

A large foundry in the UK noticed their oil samples on a 1585 gal (6000 L) hydraulic unit were hazy, indicating water contamination, and decided to take an oil sample to identify the extent of the problem. The results came back showing over 450ppm of water in the reservoir, putting the equipment at risk for component failure and potential downtime.

Submitted by Greg Neneman || Valin Corp.

A local power plant was having issue with clogged nozzles. The nozzles that spray the ammonia to neutralize the NOx began to clog forcing the customer to take the units off line. Valin designed and assembled a turnkey filtration system that consisted of 10 filtration assemblies. Learn more.

Submitted by Brian Sullivan || Valin Corporation

A leading manufacturer of semiconductor wafer fabrication equipment was in need of a filter manifold (skid) for their new N2 on-site generation unit. The company develops innovative solutions that help their customers build smaller, faster, more powerful, and more power-efficient electronic devices.

Submitted by Don Wolff || Valin Corp.

A manufacturer of natural gas-fired steam generators contacted Valin regarding a problem they were having with contamination. Valin delivered a new filtration solution that provided a higher confidence in the purity of their gas, and reduced the number of filter cartridge kits that they will need.

Submitted by Shane Leek || Valin Corp.

An aerospace manufacturer contacted Valin regarding a filtration issue they were having in the production of their aircraft brakes. Due to the hazardous material the filter is capturing, the filter is required to be disposed of by an approved hazardous waste facility. The expense was considerable.

Submitted by Kari Kohonen, Valin's Strategic Account Manager - Refining, Oil and Gas Specialist

Valin worked with a refinery that was processing approximately 145,000 barrels (5.7 million gallons) of crude oil per day. The refinery has a 2 Column Jet Fuel Clay Treater that came online in 1960 with a treat rate of 750 GPM. This technology is very inefficient and outdated. Learn more.

Submitted by Ron Jett || Valin Corp.

While reviewing accounts, one of Valin's regional sales managers noticed that a refinery customer had been consistently increasing purchases of filters and housing units for a reactor feed. In speaking with the engineers, he found out about a major issue they were having with filters. Learn more.

Submitted by Michelle Fischer

When assessing the filtration needs at a major refinery, one of Valin’s technical specialists discovered that there was no standardization in regard to the filters used in the safety showers and eyewash stations.

Submitted by Michelle Fischer

As emission standards began to increase, a large mining operation found that they were incurring added expenses from field servicing trucks for unclean fuel filters clogging often and shutting down the trucks to protect the engine.

Submitted by Tom Trinh

A major supplier of engineered dowel baskets for transferring vehicle loads across concrete roadway joints recently enjoyed a substantial growth period due to government based infrastructure rebuilding programs.

Standardized systems and organization can cut costs and improve production and efficiency. Learn how we helped a refinery go from 4 filtration systems to 1.