4 Filtration Systems to 1 Saves Time & Money for Refinery

The Issue: During a needs analysis at a major refinery, Valin’s technical specialists discovered that there was no standardization in the filtration systems used in the facility’s safety showers and eyewash stations. In fact, there were four different types of filters that were being used across 250 stations.

Each filter had different elements, so:
  • the warehouse had to stock multiple elements for the various housings
  • the operators had to carry different kinds of elements during maintenance
  • the operators had to make sure they replaced the correct filtration systems with the housings each time.
This was costing the refinery production time and money.

The Solution: Standardized parts, and a scheduled maintenance system to cut costs and make the refinery run more efficiently.

How We Did It: Standardized Filtration Systems

After understanding the customer’s needs, Valin’s filtration specialists in Dublin came up with a standard filtration system solution.  We recommended the <Parker Fulflo® EcoBond™ element> and the <Parker Fulflo® Stainless Steel Housing>.

Based on the harsh environment throughout the refinery, we suggested all stainless steel housings to keep the filtration equipment in good shape over time. Also, having stainless steel industrial filters provided the flow requirements necessary in the event of emergency when the stations had to be used.

This meant that just one filter housing and one element could satisfy the entire refinery’s safety station needs, instead of four.

A Better Filtration System Lead to Immediate Savings

Valin’s experience in working with filtration systems and in refinery settings helped us nail down a solution with the customer quickly.  With simple changes to standardize their safety station filtration system, we helped them save time and money.
  • Increased Productivity. With the new filtration systems, there will only be one element to change, and it can be done on a yearly maintenance schedule.
  • Increased Efficiency. The warehouse will only need to stock one part number and the operators will only need to replace one part (the same way every time).
  • Increased Accuracy.  There will be no more confusion on filter elements and their correct housings. 
  • Increased Profits. Less time spent on maintenance means more time spent on projects that drive revenue.
Standardized systems and organization can make a difference when it comes to improving production and efficiency, from the storeroom and beyond. Do your systems lack standardization?  From filtration systems to complete industry solutions, we can help.  Contact us to speak with one of our representatives.