Companies partner with Valin for results.  Read these case studies to learn how we achieve more together.

Submitted by Sri Gavini & Michael Reynaud

A leading manufacturer was facing a safety challenge on one of their critical pieces of equipment which is part of their manufacturing process. This equipment demands a fail-safe pneumatic redundant solenoid valve mechanism. Find out how Valin's pneumatic solution solved their problem.

Submitted by Corey Foster

By adapting serial-based controllers to Ethernet-based networks, customers can lay the hardware groundwork required to take advantage of the Industrial-Internet-of-Things (IIoT) software concepts, allowing quicker response times and proactive maintenance strategies with predictive maintenance

Submitted by Corey Foster & Bosch Rexroth

An Industry 4.0 Workstation is a semi-automated workstation that provides a link between the real world and the virtual world. It is a versatile solution that enables a highly efficient use of resources, great planning, reliability and short throughput times. Learn more.

Submitted by Corey Foster

By putting sensors on a network, their information can be transmitted to any location the information is needed. With this connection in place, software functionality can then be implemented at the supervisory level to decide what to do with that information. Learn more.

Submitted by Fernando Corona and Sean Julian || Valin Corp.

A global automotive components company was having issues with their vertically integrated equipment used to manufacture seating and interior systems. We assured the auto manufacturer that we had a technical specialist and an application engineer on-site to troubleshoot the issue. Learn more.

Submitted by Michelle Fischer

An American car manufacturer was looking to expand their entire production facility, and in order to meet the growing demand for their vehicles, they needed a factory upgrade to increase their manufacturing capacity.

Submitted by Michelle Fischer

Valin® Becomes the “Go-To” Source for Major Chemical Processing Company in Utah.

Submitted by Michelle Fischer

An industry leader in developing load transfer solutions for the transportation/construction markets sought out Valin® to assist them with a problem.

Submitted by Tom Trinh

A major supplier of engineered dowel baskets for transferring vehicle loads across concrete roadway joints recently enjoyed a substantial growth period due to government based infrastructure rebuilding programs.