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Submitted by by Harry Maynes || Valin Corp.
on Thu, 06/22/2017

Valin provided a solution allowing a manufacturer to reliably test new generation valves at 1550°F securing the proper approvals required by their customer. The end-customer was pleased with this solution, yielding 35% more fuel efficiency.

Submitted by Kent Martins || Valin Corp.
on Mon, 09/05/2016

A company in the spaceflight industry purchased a filament winding machine and was trying to manufacture composite pressure vessels that had a compound curvature. The solution they found was to create an additional axis that could be rotated in such a way that the material would no longer fold over, but the in-house solution was not automated and required manual adjustment of a rotary axis. To add to the complexity of the problem, the OEM was unable to provide a solution and the customer did not want to tamper with the controller on their brand new machines. Valin’s solution was to add a motor-controlled axis.

Submitted by Harry Maynes, Valin Corporation
on Wed, 07/13/2016

Valin's solution to this high temperature application allowed our customer to do the proper testing on the valves used on major aircraft engines. This overall technology will allow improvements of 40% in fuel efficiencies of the next generation aircraft engines.

Submitted by Shane Leek || Valin Corp.
on Mon, 04/04/2016

An aerospace manufacturer contacted Valin regarding a filtration issue they were having in the production of their aircraft brakes. Due to the hazardous material the filter is capturing, the filter is required to be disposed of by an approved hazardous waste facility. The expense of this process was considerable; rebuild costs from the factory, freight costs to and from the factory, and labor costs to dismantle and clean the spent filter cartridge. We presented a unique custom Valin solution: A two-part system requires the initial purchase of a reusable 304SS Filter Support Cartridge and then repeat business for the Slip on Removable Media Pleat Pack.