Process Heat for Aerospace Co Improve Fuel Efficiency by 40%


A customer who integrates leading-edge technologies into fuel, combustion, fluid, actuation, and electronic control systems for the aerospace and industrial markets approached Valin with with a problem. The customer needed a heater that would handle 1550° outlet temperature at 1000PSI. The calculations indicated that we would need a 1.4 Megawatt Impedance Heater to handle those temperatures and pressures. Valin contacted a special process heating manufacturer who said they could handle the pressures and temperatures we were looking for. These pressure and temperature parameters were well above the capabilities of any of our other process heating manufacturers. In fact, the combination of these pressures and temperatures were unlike any application I've seen in my 30 years of selling process heat equipment.


Valin was able to facilitate a discussion between our technical specialists, the process heating company and our customers engineering group. The capabilities and technical discussion allowed the customer to be confident in moving forward with Valin and the recommended process heating company. We are currently designing a custom heating system that will allow the customer to conduct extreme heat testing on valves that will be used on aircraft engines. The process from date of order to date of shipment will be about 36 weeks. We will conduct bi-weekly progress meetings with the customer, the process heating company and Valin so that everyone can stay on task and be sure all parameters are being considered and that nothing is overlooked.

Customer Benefits

Valin's solution to this high temperature application allowed our customer to do the proper testing on the valves used on major aircraft engines. This overall technology will allow improvements of 40% in fuel efficiencies of the next generation aircraft engines.