Water Treatment

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Submitted by McCrometer

Unraveling the Complexities of Produced Water Measurement: McCrometer's Expert Solutions! Dive into our newest blog post to explore the intricate world of produced water, a crucial byproduct of oil production. Learn how McCrometer's innovative Field Mag series, with its advanced capabilities in handling chemical composition, temperature, and pressure, offers precise and reliable metering solutions for the unique challenges of produced water applications.

A highly corrosive and toxic chemical with strong disinfecting properties, Sodium Hypochlorite plays an ever increasing role in many industries. However, its corrosive nature and tendency to release tiny gas bubbles that can permeate non-metallic pumps poses a challenge to conventional pumping.

The wastewater treatment equipment market was worth over $35 billion in 2015, and is expected to reach more than $55 billion by 2023. Increasing demands for water, alongside a trend in recycling and reusing this precious resource, are two reasons for the growth. Learn more.