Cost Effective Filtration Manifold for Semiconductor Industry


A leading manufacturer of semiconductor wafer fabrication equipment was in need of a filter manifold (skid) for their new N2 on-site generation unit.  The manufacturing company develops innovative solutions that help their customers build smaller, faster, more powerful, and more power-efficient electronic devices.  They use these tools to produce tiny, complex chips for cell phones, computing devices, and entertainment gadgets. The manufacturer of those tools requires them to house on-site nitrogen generators and canisters to store the gas produced from these generators.


Valin assessed their needs and offered two options. Option one was to offer two filters in parallel. Option two was to offer two redundant filters with associated valving and transducer. The customer chose the redundant version and the project was then turned over to Valin’s engineering department to start the development process. Our sales team identified the appropriate filters, valves and transducer and engineering drew up the design and prepared the formal proposal. The customer was given the option of purchasing just the parts, or the full assembly package. The customer chose the assembly and it was built, delivered and installed at their facility.

Customer Benefits

The customer knew they needed a filtration manifold similar to the others located on the facilities pad, but didn't know who to go to for the final solution. They contacted Valin and we were able to give them two options. Valin was happy to provide the fully assembled solution.

Valin designed, engineered and managed the entire job from hand sketch to delivery so that the customer could have their on-site engineering company install the manifold when the N2 generation unit was delivered. We simplified the customer’s scope of project and provided them with a cost effective solution.