Refinery Standardizes Filtration System Saving Time and Money

When assessing the filtration needs at a major refinery, one of Valin’s technical specialists discovered that there was no standardization in regard to the filters used in the safety showers and eyewash stations. There were 4 different types of filters that were currently being used on the 250 stations. Each filter has different elements, so the warehouse had to stock multiple elements for the various housings and the operators had to carry different kinds of elements and make sure they replaced the correct ones with the housing.
Valin’s filtration specialists in Dublin came up with a standard filtration solution.  We recommended the Parker Fulflo® EcoBond™ element and the Parker Fulflo® Stainless Steel Housing. Based on the harsh environment throughout the refinery, we suggested all stainless steel housings and an element that will provide the flow requirements necessary if the need arises for the stations to be used.  One filter housing and one element to satisfy the entire refinery safety stations needs!
Valin was able to save the customer time and money by standardizing their filtration system. There will now only be one element that will need to be changed on a yearly maintenance schedule. The warehouse will only need to stock one part number and the operators will only need to replace one part. No more confusion on filter elements matching up with the correct housings.  Operators can now spend time on more important projects instead of switching out filters every few months.