Valin Designs Filtration System to Ensure Compliance


A manufacturer of natural gas fired steam generators contacted Valin regarding a problem they were having with contamination. In the operation of these systems there are cases when the natural gas fuel is a blend of gas from a utility and gas from the oil field where the generators are installed. The gas from the field is dirty and wet. This contamination will reduce the efficiency of operation and shorten the life expectancy of the fuel nozzles. The challenge was to provide a filtration system suitable to bring the blended gas in compliance with the manufacturer’s specification for purity. The company used a competitor's product but the local filtration expertise and product availability was becoming a problem between the company and their customers.


Valin had worked with the company in the past primarily providing control valves and instrumentation. Our filtration specialists met with the customer to determine the best solution for their application.  After analyzing the requirements, Valin ended up recommending a custom designed filter vessel and specific filter cartridges. Each replacement filter came with two O-rings - one for the housing and one for the competitors. So whether the filter is going to be a replacement for old customers or new installations, the same cartridge kit will suffice for either.

Customer Benefits

Valin delivered a new filtration solution that provided a higher confidence in the purity of their gas, and reduced the number of filter cartridge kits that they will need to keep stocked in inventory.

The customer now has a partner who can assist them with all of their filtration needs, including:
  • Application support
  • Local inventory
  • Reduced inventory items