Parker MPW Series Stainless Steel Servo Motors

Parker MPW Series Stainless Steel Servo Motors
Parker's MPW Series extends the MPP motor family to meet the needs of those applications exposed to high pressure, highly caustic, washdown environments. Specific applications can be found in such markets as Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, and any other application that may be exposed to a harsh environment (salt, fog and humidity).

Parker’s powerful, yet compact stainless steel motor design enables smaller frame sizes to meet application needs. Extra sealing and venting also provides an easy way for the user to extend the life of the motor (up to 2X longer than other motors found in the market today).
  • 10 models covering three frame sizes
  • Sealed to IP69K for 1200 psi washdown requirements
  • Potted stator design for improved thermal efficiency
  • 35 to 227 in-lbs continuous torque (230 and 460 VAC supply)
  • Options include incremental & absolute high resolution encoders, resolvers, and 24 VDC failsafe brake
  • Cable options available to plug and play with Parker, Allen Bradley, and Kollmorgan drives


IP69K Anti-Microbial Seal with Slinger

Prevents intrusion of high temperature solutions used for washdown up to pressures of 1200 psi.

Single Piece Front Flange

Front flange is single piece construction with main housing body. No seam that could allow intrusion of liquids.

Potted Stator

Stator is potted directly into the steel housing creating a very power dense solution.

300 Series Stainless Steel Housing

300 series material withstands the harshest washdown environments. Micro polished round housing allows for quick and easy cleaning.

Segmented Laminations

Creates a very high torque to inertia ratio which supports rapid rates of acceleration.

Double O-Ring Seal on Rear Housing Plate

Used to seal rear motor plate to main housing. Double the protection vs. the use of a single o-ring design.

Breather Vent

During washdown pressure differentiation can cause a vacuum effect that can suck moisture into the motor housing. Our breather vent allows the user to run a hose to a dry air location to prevent this common cause of failure.


Cables run directly from the housing via IP69K sealed fittings. Cables are terminated with connectors to allow easy plug and play to the most popular Parker drives. Connector options are also available to plug and play with drive solutions offered by other manufacturers

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