Omron E3Z-F Miniature Photoelectric Sensors Offer Popular M18 Threaded “Nose” Mounting

Submitted on Thu, 10/08/2015
Omron's E3Z Series of Photoelectric Sensors boasts high reliability as evidenced by the praises of many customers. Annual worldwide sales of 1.5 million units makes the series a global best seller.

Attractive Features
  • A visible spot simplifies alignment, shortens installation time
  • Popular M18 nose mounting — well accepted design with millions installed and still used for new machine design projects
  • Many different sensing distances:
    • Diffuse-reflective: 100 mm, 300mm, 500 mm, 1 m — widest variety in this style
    • Through-beam: 20 m
    • Retro-reflective: 4 m
  • Models with infrared LEDs available
  • Proven E3Z performance reliability

Great for Packaging, Material Handling and More
  • Material Handling — Detect passing objects
  • Automated Warehouses — Detect out of place items
  • Packaging Machines — Detect passing products
  • Machine Tools — Detect passing objects
  • Molding Machines — Detect falling molded parts
  • Automotive — Detect vehicles

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