Next Generation Versatile Butterfly Valves

Neles Neldisc™ metal-seated and Jamesbury Wafer-Sphere™ soft-seated butterfly valves
The new generation of Neldisc™ metal-seated and Wafer-Sphere™ soft-seated butterfly valves is built to deliver sustainable performance today and tomorrow. Neles' versatile product range includes both metal-seated butterfly valves and soft-seated butterfly valves. The industry-leading butterfly valves offer long-lasting tightness with SIL3 certification for control valve and on-off applications.

Versatile Butterfly Valve Platform

Neles' most versatile butterfly valve platform delivers new functionality while leaning on field-proven technologies and decades of experience to meet the challenges of modern and future industrial processes. Sustainable, yet profitable performance is a result of design and engineering aimed at minimized emissions and reduced size, weight and complexity. Neles' reliable valves are designed to deliver long-lasting
consistent performance with longer maintenance intervals and fewer shutdowns
over the extended valve lifecycle.

Key Benefits of Neles Butterfly Valves

  • Lower fugitive emissions mean improved process yield and efficiency, work safety and environmental performance.
  • The highest flow coefficient (Cv) on the butterfly valve market makes the process more efficient, sustainable and profitable.
  • A lower torque need means smaller air consumption, smaller actuators, lower total weight and energy savings.
  • Improved serviceability through compact and modular design makes for safer, faster and easier service operations.

Neles Butterfly Valves

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