High-End Controller Helps Flat Panel Display Company's Yield

A leading provider of flat panel display production equipment was looking for assistance with their glass screen production alignment system. During processing the glass must be aligned with a mask. Their alignment target was around 10 microns, so the two parts had to be nearly perfectly aligned. For comparison, human hair is generally considered to measure 15 to 20 microns.

Valin's engineering team assessed the company's needs and came up with a solution using a very high end, specialized controller that could communicate and control 8 robotic actuators and 2 machine vision camera systems. Using the cameras to check the alignment and then providing info to the controller, the controller would command the actuators to move in order to align the two pieces. Our solution was chosen because of easy integration compared to our competitors, and competitive systems had failed.

The system went from design to delivery faster than any other project this customer had worked on before and our system was able to measure alignment values of less than 5 microns. Competitors did not have this capability. The end customer, a consumer device manufacturer, bought 30 systems. This system helped the end customer maximize the yield on their glass and have better manufacturing process tolerances.

This company did not have the expertise in-house to design and build the alignment system on their own, so Valin was able to provide the expertise needed to get the job done. We also assembled and tested the alignment system for fundamental operation before shipping.

Our engineers succeeded where others had failed.