Gutter and Downspout De-Icing Solution Protects Data Center

A local electrical contractor needed to provide a complete integrated solution for gutter and downspout de-icing for a large data center in the cold wintery conditions of Quincy, Washington. The customer builds data centers for high profile clients all over the United States, and in areas where temperatures can drop to below freezing. Process heating is not their specialty, so they turned to Valin for help.
Valin brought in our team of process heating specialists to determine the best solution for this application. The system we designed consisted of heat trace cables, accessories, sensors and controls, but the real value that Valin brought to the table was our people. We developed a team of Valin professionals to monitor this project and continually review all aspects of the system that we had engineered. One of the technical specialists provided the process heat product knowledge, technical support, and electrical engineering experience to the group. Throughout this process he maintained vigilant contact with all personnel involved to ensure that they were getting all the information and support needed.
Finally, at the most critical stage when the customer was ready to have the order placed, we were able to have another Valin specialist visit the job site in Quincy as a local representative and ensure that the materials that we had proposed would matchup with what was currently installed onsite.

Our customer was able to seamlessly provide a complete solution to their end customer. Valin had the knowledge, expertise and the right team to handle this job. The Chromalox brand was also a well-known and trusted heat trace solution provider. We coupled that brand recognition with vigilant local support at both the engineering and construction site levels to ensure that we were providing the best solution possible. Having a team of devoted professionals with experience in different areas and availability in different geographies allowed us to be the best team for the job. Where others may have failed due to lack of contact, onsite support, or technical knowledge, we presented a complete solution by a team of experts that could not be matched.