Car Manufacturer Increases Throughput & Reduces Waste

An American car manufacturer was looking to expand their entire production facility, and in order to meet the growing demand for their vehicles, they needed a factory upgrade to increase their manufacturing capacity.  One of their vehicle lines was in full swing and another exciting model was on the way. They needed to keep production going and expand their manufacturing line at the same time.  This was a large conveyance project and the company needed materials and solutions on how to make the assembly lines of electric motor components work for their new line.  The car manufacturer had a design in mind, but needed help modifying and improving it.

A year earlier, Valin’s Automation and Lean specialists were able to provide a competitive marketplace advantage through applied knowledge, innovative control solutions and value-added services.  Valin’s experts provided mechanical and electrical engineering, conveyance and framing design services.  Valin first conducted on-site audits in order to determine whether or not to upgrade or retrofit existing applications.  Valin provided the necessary conveyance, framing and Lean system installations to meet the customer’s requirements.

Due to the trust that had been established, they turned back to Valin…

Valin reviewed the designs that the car manufacturer drew up and suggested modifications and improvements.  The modified plans outlined a solution that put conveyers in optimal position to move the parts through the assembly line with their robotics, a new design in transporting the components, and additional safety equipment.  As the implementation process began, Valin provided full on-site assembly, installation, system start-up and project management. 

The project continued over the nine-month period and went through various revisions and modifications.  Valin was able to remain flexible as inevitable scope creep began to occur.  As the project continued to grow, there was a need to enhance the designs on the floor.  Once again, Valin was able to provide our engineering expertise and deliver a solution. 

Through Valin’s solutions, the car manufacturer was able to increase its throughput and reduce waste and time loss with innovative engineering for their assembly and manufacturing process.  Valin was able to modify designs, work with partners and meet and exceed the expectations of the car manufacturer.  Due to its quality responsiveness and capability, Valin is now a preferred source for this company’s automation and value-add needs and the client now sees Valin as a “top notch” and reliable partner for their projects.