ZWICK TRI-CON Triple Offset, Metal Seated, Butterfly Valves

Submitted on Mon, 01/08/2018
ZWICK Tri-Con Triple Offset, Metal Seated, Butterfly Valves
TRI-CON valves incorporate a unique third offset with a 25-degree incline, eliminating the friction between the laminated seal ring and the body seat. The resulting camming action allows the stainless and graphite laminated seal ring, with a corresponding 25-degree inclined surface, to seat into an inclined 25-degree body seat. The result: true cone-in-cone seating and reliable zero-leakage performance.

Zero-Leakage. Always.

The number of unique technical attributes of the product, as the cone-in-cone seating design with the multiple laminations and the metal seat makes the series TRI-CON to an allrounder for many different industrial applications.

Zwick valves are used for industrial and exhaust gases, liquids, hot water or steam at lowest as well at high temperature zones up to 815°C. The TRI-CON is utilized extensively in the chemical, petro-chemical, oil & gas, offshore and district heating markets.

Large - Really Large!

Valves can be manufactured in maximum diameters, more than 180 cm!

Maximum Performance - Day to Day

The series TRI-CON contains nominal sizes from 2” to 88” and pressure classes from ANSI 150 lbs to 900 lbs.

The complete range of standard body styles like lug type,double flange, and gate valves face to face dimensions are available in various raw materials.

Special Features

The Self-Centering Disc: The construction guarantees the optimal position of the laminated seal against the seat. Jamming due to thermal expansion is eliminated.

Torque Transmission Using Keys: The disc is keyed to the shaft not pinned, providing balanced torque transmission and eliminating the danger of pins shearing off.

Ideal Lamination and Disc Design: The strong disc with its eliptical supporting surface offers the best fixing of the lamination. Bubble tightness is given as a result of the special machining of the lamination.

Supporting Bearing Bushings: The optimal position of the bearing reduces the risk of the shaft bending. This guarantees bi-directional tightness at maximum differental pressure.


  • Refinery/Petrochemical
    • Storage tanks
    • on- and offshore
    • LNG and LPG
    • ethylene extraction
    • desulphurization
    • FSPO
    • ESD-HIPPS-valves
  • Chemical Industry
    • Power plants
    • process media (critical applications such as butadiene, styrene, ethylene, propylene, etc.)
    • process cooling (cold box)
    • supply and storage
  • Power Generation
    • Steam
    • hot water
    • condensate
    • power plant (nuclear, coal, gas, steam, biomass)
    • solar heat (thermal oil, molten salt)
    • geothermal energy
    • shale gas
    • water- and pump-storage / hydro power plant
    • waste incineration and processing plant district heat
  • Gas Industry
    • technical gases (e.g. oxygen, nitrogen) flammable gases (e.g. natural gas)
    • carbon capture & storage
    • mole sieve switching valves dehydration
    • gas to liquids processing

Triple Offset Metal-Seated State-of-the-Art

The triple offset geometry and the special features guarantee 100% zero-leakage performance even during extreme temperature variation and pressure peaks.

TRI-CON valves offer the widest laminated seal ring in the market today, made possible by true cone-in-cone seating design which assures a frictionless opening and closing with lowest torques and without break-away torque. Zwick’s design provides 100% tightness in gas services.

Zwick valves are used for critical services in many global industries for liquids and gases. The triple offset valves are designed for temperatures up to 815°C and for cryogenic services.

Download ZWICK Tri-Con, Tri-Check, Tri-Block Valves Datasheets

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