IAI WU Series Wrist Single Axis and 2-Axis Cartesian Robots

IAI WU Series Rotating Joint Wrist Unit Single Axis and 2-Axis Cartesian Robots
IAI's WU Series Wrist units are ideal for reducing costs when a 6-axis robot is not necessary. IAI's unique design makes the parts light and compact, reducing the cost of equipment (compared to that of 6-axis articulated robots).

Diagonal approaches and tip swiveling, possible until now only with vertically articulated robots, can now be performed with the minimum required axis configuration. The combination pattern, number of axes and stroke can be freely selected according to the application. Orthogonal axes and interpolation commands are possible. Each is equipped with a battery-less absolute encoder as standard.

Small S Type

  • Unit weight: 1.6 kg
  • Maximum payload 1.0 kg
  • B-axis ±100 deg.
  • T-axis ±360 deg.

Medium M Type

  • Unit weight: 2.8 kg
  • Maximum payload 2.0 kg
  • B-axis ±105 deg.
  • T-axis ±360 deg.


Application Examples

Application Example: Bottle Labeling Equipment

This device affixes labels to bottles. Adjusts the angle to the labeling surface on the B-axis and rotates the label on the T-axis to change the orientation.

Application Example: Automotive Connector Inspection Equipment

This device inspects the external view of connectors for automobiles, using a camera. The Wrist Unit rotates the connector for inspection from various angles.

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