IAI EC ELECYLINDER® is Extremely Simple to Set-Up and Use

EC Elecylinder works 5 minutes after setup

Working just 5 minutes after setting speed and acceleration!

The EC ELECYLINDER® series by IAI provides an economical choice when updating air cylinder operations without sacrificing features. Ushering in a new era of easy electric cylinder control, the easy Elecylinder is designed for simplicity from start-up to maintenance.

Select the ideal model easily with model selection software online. Operation is possible with data or On/Off signals alone – no need to perform complicated programming. Start and end points can be easily set to any position. Troubleshooting can be performed using the teaching pendant and the unit is easily repairable in the event of a breakdown.

Individually adjust AVD and Reduce Cycle Time

Air cylinders adjust velocity by adjusting the air flow rate using flow valves. Fine adjustment of velocity, acceleration and deceleration is not available. With the Elecylinder, AVD can be entered individually in percentages to apply adjustments.
Start and End Points Set to Any Position

Air cylinders cannot operate at high velocity due to the impact at stroke end which occurs when excess velocity is applied.  The EC Elecylinder can start and stop smoothly at high velocity, reducing cycle time, reducing electric bills: the higher the operational frequency, the greater the savings.
AVD Values Easily Set

Stable Velocity

Adjustable Speed
The Elecylinder has excellent velocity stability even in the low velocity range.  It maintains consistent quality without film slack, even in low-velocity film or sheet pulling operations.

Air cylinders require position adjustment for mechanical end, auto switch, or shock absorber, as well as checking and fine tuning of each component’s positioning.  With the Elecylinder, start and end points can be set at any value; just enter the desired value for the two points.

Reduces Time-Consuming Maintenance Work

Built-in Position Memory System
The predictive maintenance function issues an overload warning when the applied load exceeds that of normal operation. If the criteria are set in advance, the LED built into the body will flash green/red to notify that the maintenance period is up.

No battery means no maintenance required. Since home return operation is not required at startup or after emergency stop or malfunction, operation time and production costs can be reduced.
  • No battery purchase costs and reduced maintenance stock
  • No battery replacement operation
  • No battery installation space
  • No battery-caused mechanical failure

Improve Productivity, Reduce Costs, Increase Profits

Power Consumption Savings
Air cylinders cannot operate at high velocity due to the impact at stroke ends which occurs when excess velocity is applied. The Elecylinder allows individual adjustment of AVD with percentage input for smooth starting/stopping at high velocity. This enables reduced cycle time.

Depending on the state of equipment, various air cylinder issues can trigger momentary stops on the production line. The Elecylinder can eliminate air cylinder-related momentary stops.

The difference in the rate of power consumption for the Elecylinder and air cylinders depends on the operational frequency. The higher the operational frequency, the more effective the energy-saving becomes. Based on tests conducted by IAI, the Elecylinder’s power consumption under the following conditions is 1/6 that of air cylinders.

Download the EC Elecylinder Datasheet

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