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TTK Liquid Leak Detection

TTK is a leading manufacturer of Liquid Leak Detection Systems for commercial and industrial applications. Our expertise focuses on water leak detection, oil leak detection (including fuel) and acid leak detection. Since it was established, the company has built its brand name on Quality, Efficiency and Innovation. TTK products hold a number of recognized international safety and specific approvals such as UL, TUV/GS, IEC, and ATEX.

Technology innovation helps us to deliver leading-edge liquid leak detection solutions. In the early 1990’s, TTK was the first company who offered the digital range products, including monitoring panels and fully addressable sense cables. In 2011, TTK lead the industry to the new Millennium by introducing the FG-NET digital panel on the market. This panel beside its traditional powerful capacity to detect and locate the leaks, it opens various possibilities on network applications, such as sending emails, Modbus over IP and also managing external devices through the network. TTK is setting the pace for product development.

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Water & Acid leak Detection

FG-NET Water & Acid Leak Detection Alarm
FG-EC Water Sensing Cable
FG-AC Acid Sensing Cables

Oil Leak Detection

FG-NET-LL Oil Detection Alarm
FG-OD Hydrocarbon Sensing Cables
FG-ODC Hydrocarbon Sensing Cables
FG-ODR Hydrocarbon Sensing Cables
FG-ODP Hydrocarbon Point Sensor

Alarms and Locating Units


Leak Detection Solutions for Water, Acid and Oil
Diesel Oil Leak Detection Solutions for Generators
Water Leak Detection Solutions for Water Heaters
Oil & Gas Leak Detection Solutions
Reduce Costs with Reusable Fuel Sensing Leak Detection Cables
Leak Detection Solution for Cryptocurrency Mines
IPV6-Ready Digital Leak Detection System
Cost-Effective Hydrocarbon Liquid Leak Detection Solution


Averting a Gen-Set Disaster

Case Study

TTK Hydrocarbon and Acids Leak Detection at University Lab

Industry Solutions

Data Centers


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