Leak Detection Solutions for Water, Acid and Oil

Water Leak Detection

Water Sensing Cables

TTK addressable sensing cables are fitted with patented micro-controllers that allow pinpointing of faults on multiple sensing cables simultaneously. The unique structure of these cables efficiently prevents false alarms from condensation, dust, and conductive elements.

FG-NET Leak Detection Locating Unit
FG-EC Water Sensing Cables

Acid Leak Detection

Acid Sensing Cables

TTK’s corrosive resistant acid sense cable can detect and locate the presence of acid and chemicals, making it the ideal solution to protect clean rooms, LCD screen plants, pharmaceutical laboratories, amongst others.

FG-AC Acid Sensing Cables

Oil Leak Detection

Oil Sensing Cables

The first reusable oil sense cables on the market. Specifically designed to identify and locate liquid hydrocarbon and petrochemical leaks - crude oil, diesel, and other refined products. Efficiently prevent false alarms due to pre-existing pollution. Suitable for tank farms, pipelines, airports, and refineries applications.

FG-NET-LL Leak Detection Locating Unit
FG-OD Hydrocarbon Sensing Cable
FG-ODC Hydrocarbon Sensing Cables
FG-ODC+ Hydrocarbon Sensing Cables
FG-ODR Hydrocarbon Sensing Cables
FG-ODP Hydrocarbon Point Sensor

TTK Leak Detection Solutions for Water, Acid and Oil


  • Single control point for BMS connectivity, individually addressable cables through interface
  • Simple startup and expansion, no calibrating
  • No unidentifiable alarms: Cables unaffected by pressure, dirt/dust, metal edges
  • Eliminate line voltage connection kits, field terminations, and sub-controllers
  • Reduce leak detection system parts, power distribution circuits, conduit, wiring, and installation labor
  • Digital cables and map software increase effectiveness and usability of leak detection system, reducing operation expense.
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