FG-NET Leak Detection Locating Unit

FG-NET Leak Detection Locating Unit
TTK's FG-NET digital unit is designed to be used for water leak detection, bases leak detection, acid leak detection and fuel leak detection. It is ideal for mission critical areas such as data centers, trading floors, semiconductor plants. FG-NET unit can display a precise location (to the nearest meter) on a dynamic map. It detects simultaneous leaks hence avoid “a leak hide another” risk. Furthermore, the FG-NET digital unit can transmit the leak information to other LAN-connected equipments (such as BMS) via TCP/IP and JBUS/MODBUS communication protocols. In short, FG-NET has its unique features and precedes all advantages of a classic liquid leak detection unit.

The FG-NET digital unit is designed to be used with all TTK digital sense cables, for water, bases, acid and hydrocarbon leak detection. In the event of a fault on the sense cables (leak or cable break):

Primary Responses from the FG-NET:

  • An audible alarm is triggered and a relay is activated.
  • The touch screen of the panel displays the location of the leak and details of the fault (the type of fault leak or cable break), including the time and date the fault is registered.
  • Optional – integrated maps of the leak detection installation highlighting the location of the fault, available on the touch screen display of FG-NET.

Secondary Advanced Responses from the FG-Net:

  • Report to the BMS via a JBUS/MODBUS protocol. The FG-NET can drive dynamic drawings on the host BMS.
  • Send email alerts and SNMP traps to a LAN-connected BMS, via a standard Ethernet connection.

Download FG-NET Leak Detection Locating Unit Datasheet

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