TTK Hydrocarbon and Acids Leak Detection at University Lab

The state-of-the-art university laboratory, composed of several individual sub-laboratories, operates daily a multitude of chemical solvents, such as acetic acid, carbonic acid, nitric acid, as well as hydrocarbon solvents and water-based solvents molecules.

To ensure a continuous monitoring and an early detection in case of leakage of dangerous liquids inside this cutting-edge laboratory, the client requires an effective leak detection system capable of detecting in very early stage all kinds of liquids operated within the facility.

TTK Liquid Leak Detection Drawing University Lab


TTK Leak Detection in Laboratory

Based on the characteristics of the different liquids to be detected, TTK recommended a leak detection system capable of monitoring two kinds of sensing cables: chemical/water sensing cable FG-AC and hydrocarbon sensing cable FG-ODC. A versatile panel FG-NET monitors the two-in-one system.

TTK Liquid Leak Detection at University Lab

Three circuits which can be used independently, are available on the FG-NET panel. In this project, all chemical/water sensing cables are connected to one circuit, whereas all hydrocarbon sensing cables are connected to another, via a diversion box. In the event of a leak, the panel pinpoints to a precise location on the section of the relevant cable on a dynamic map, allowing a rapid and accurate detection of any chemical, water or liquid hydrocarbon mixture.

Leak Detection Equipment

Chemical/Water Sensing Cable

FG-AC Acid Sensing Cables

Made of corrosion and abrasion-resistant material, the FG-AC cable is designed to detect and locate acid liquid and water leaks for laboratory and cleanroom applications. Its reusable feature makes it cost-effective. It contains an embedded microcontroller on each cable, allowing simultaneous leak detection on a single circuit made of multiple cables.

High Sensitivity Hydrocarbon Sensing Cable

FG-ODC Hydrocarbon Sensing Cables

The hydrocarbon sensing cable chosen for this case is a high sensitivity cable. Among the three types of sensing cables with different sensibility in the range, the FG-ODC is optimized for very fast response with light to middle distillates. Cost-effective thanks to its reusability feature. Insensitivity to water allows avoiding false alarms.

Versatile Digital Monitoring Panel

FG-NET Leak Detection Locating Unit

The FG-NET panel is designed to be used with all TTK digital sensing cables, for water, acid and hydrocarbon leak detection. Powerful system capacity (monitoring up to 500 sensing cables with satellite device) with a touchscreen interface, TCP/IP and JBUS/MODBUS communication protocols are available. The panel detects simultaneous leaks hence avoiding “a leak hides another” risk. Furthermore, when a cable break occurs, the system maintains its integrity by continuing to monitor all preceding cables for faults.

Monitoring Your Liquid Leak Exposure

The versatile TTK system provides an ideal solution for the detection of all kinds of liquids leaks found within this laboratory.

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