Episode# 70: Direct Drives vs Worm-Gear Driven

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The Motion Control Show

Direct Drives vs Worm-Gear Driven Rotary Stages
  • How they are driven
  • Comparing two example products to highlight typical differences between them
  • Dimensions
    • Roughly the same size
    • The direct drive in this case is taller
  • Loading capability
    • The worm-gear driven one can handle higher loads
  • Precision
    • The direct drive is higher precision
  • Speed & torque
    • The worm-gear rotary stage produces more torque
    • The direct drive rotary stage has a higher velocity rating
  • Inertia matching
    • The worm-gear stage has more mechanical advantage
      • Can handle a much higher inertial load
  • Summary
    • Worm-Gear driven
      • More industrial
      • Larger payloads
      • Lower velocities
      • Lower precision
      • Less costly
    • Direct Drive
      • Better performance
      • Higher velocities
      • Higher precision
      • Not much more $

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