Semiconductor Supplier Improves Efficiency of Tool Change Outs


A leading supplier of semiconductor-based solutions was looking for ways to improve the efficiency of routine maintenance change outs for their clean room tools. The technicians, many times, were left to carry tools into the clean-room by hand. Occasionally they would use simple clean room approved work carts that were more or less a bench with wheels. They were searching for something that would allow the technicians to be more efficient and organized while they were working in the clean room.


The company approached Valin after discovering our manufacturing capabilities related to Bosch aluminum extruded framing. They had many concerns about clean room compatibility and found that Valin would be a great fit for the application due to its experience working in high purity semiconductor applications. Valin worked with the customer to design a workstation that could integrate everything necessary for a change out – Tool Storage, computer for data entry, a vacuum for cleaning, custom storage compartments for tool components, an ergonomic workbench adjustable for multiple technicians, and compatibility in a clean environment. The initial build was customized for a 240 line retrofit of the metal chamber tool in the etch department.

Customer Benefits

The solution developed by Valin was able to meet all of the customer needs. The most important was clean room compatibility. The customer spent 30 days qualifying the clean room cart. After 30 days they were able to verify that the build met all their requirements including cleanliness. Additionally, the cart is ISO 9000 compatible and the auditors really liked the workflow improvements made possible by Valin’s solution.

With these new workstations they were able to reduce the change out times by 8-10%. The ROI was measured to be less than a year. Valin's solution was able to save the customer a considerable amount of time and money on their routine clean room tool maintenance.