Manufacturer Increases Efficiencies Using Remote Access


A manufacturer of precision metering mix, dispensing and spray systems was looking for a more efficient way to handle upgrading and troubleshooting their systems at individual customer locations. They were looking for a solution to connect the systems to HMI’s and PLC’s remotely, so they could update or troubleshoot from their corporate office. Their end customers also expressed an interest in being able to view the production information of the machine remotely. 


Valin’s team scheduled a visit with both the automation engineer and the engineering manager on this project to present them with a solution. The team demonstrated one of the latest HMI models from Beijer Electronics that would allow them to view their customers systems remotely. They then hooked the HMI up to a communication device to illustrate the capability to connect to the HMI and PLC using a cell phone as a hot spot. The last element was to show them how to view the production data using virtual network computing (VNC).

The end customer was also interested in being able to view the production information of the machine remotely, so Valin’s team showed them how easy it was to set up this systems on their end.

Remote Access Diagram

Customer Benefits

Valin’s solution helped the manufacturer provide their customers with a method to view production, processing, and maintenance information remotely and to update the software in-house, adding value and efficiency to their systems. The manufacturers engineers are also able to troubleshoot issues remotely now, which saves time and travel expenses.