Heat Trace & Controls | Industrial Gas Turbines Manufacturer

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial gas turbines had a problem that needed solving. Their turbines had 700’ of existing heat trace and controls that needed to be replaced and upgraded to maintain a 250°F temperature on the surface of their piping for five of their turbine test cells. The opportunity required a turnkey installation including start up and commissioning. A contractor was needed to remove and dispose of the existing insulation, heat trace cable and components. The contractor had to furnish and install new electric heat trace, components, control panel and insulation on the piping.
Valin® acted as the general contractor for this job providing project management, supervision and all of the cable and components. After assessing the customer’s needs, Valin® recommended the Chromalox SRM 20-2ct heat trace cable and provided turnkey installation and commissioning. Valin®’s insulation contractor performed the cable installation and insulation. The electrical work was completed by a Solar approved contractor and Chromalox personnel provided the startup/commissioning of the heat trace system, including panel programming, training for field employees, megger test and visual inspection of all terminations and insulation.
Valin® had the expertise and resources to handle every aspect of this job. The project was completed on time and met all of the customer’s service contract requirements. This was phase one of the project and the customer’s other test cells are to be upgraded in additional phases. During the panel startup and training we had two different people within the plant ask us to come back to quote new projects where they aren’t able to maintain the temperatures that are coming from the tanks. This customers now views Valin® as the go-to resource for solving all of their heating needs.