Cutting Cords to Variable Specified Lengths CT Effects Example

Application:  Cutting cords to variable specified lengths - CT Effects Application Example

Motorizing the feed process increased production, and significantly lowered electricity and labor costs.

  • Air cylinders were used to feed a cord to a specified length
  • It took time to manually adjust the stopper position each time the product type was changed. (About 5 minutes per changeover = 1 hour/day)
  • It was difficult to cut the correct length, causing workers to repeatedly inspect and adjust the cutting
Improved with Motorization:
  • Manually adjusting the stopper position was totally eliminated. Adjustments are now done by entering the feed amount on a touch panel. Manual changeovers are a thing of the past.
  • Using a value command function in the ROBO Cylinder made it easy to cut lengths of specified varieties. The manual labor for adjustments was significantly reduced.

Robot/Electric Actuator Type: RCP5-RA6C

Improvement Results
  • Production was increased from 7 hours per day to 8 hours
  • Reducing the number of steps also reduced labor costs
*Exchange Rate: 1(USD)=100(Japanese Yen)

Electricity Costs Reduced with Motorization

Example: Work load: 3kg, Moving distance: 200m
Cycle time: 3 sec. One-day running time: 8 hours

Annual operation days: 250 days
Unit Price: (Air) $0.24/m3 (Electric) $0.15/KWH

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