Complete Process Heating Solution for Oil Processing Plant

Valin had an opportunity to work on an application to heat-trace various process lines for temperature maintenance and freeze protection at an oil processing plant in Stockton, California.  The initial challenge of this application was determining the cable lengths, cable types, and panel circuits without access to any measurements, an accurate line list, or even the facility itself (which was still under construction). We had to get takeoffs by printing full-scale piping diagrams and then identifying and measuring the lines to be heat-traced.
The project engineers at this company were novices when it came to heat trace systems, and we had to not only provide engineering and design work, but also explain our process every step of the way. We were able to help this customer by not only providing design and engineering for a heat trace system that was currently non-existent, but also by being accessible and locally available for in-person meetings and fast responses.
When changes needed to be made, we moved on them quickly and didn’t allow for any delays.  In addition, we are continuing to offer assistance by managing the delivery process according to the customer’s desired schedule, providing isometric drawings where none existed previously, and are available for installation trouble-shooting. We will oversee this project until its full completion, and will make ourselves available afterward for aid and guidance.
Valin was able to provide this customer with a complete process heating solution that included system design, product specification, isometric drawings, and startup & commissioning service on the control panels. We provided a local, easily accessible, and responsible selling strategy that gave us the best representation. As the local representative, we were able to build a solid rapport with project engineers involved, and a level of comfort that facilitated quick and open communications. Chromalox was flexible on product options, pricing, and delivery schedule and has been a great partner for this project.