Challenging Networking Issue Solved for Large Steel Company

A large steel company had an existing Cisco industrial wireless mesh-network they were using to connect information from their cranes back to their offices.  This system was put in by their IT department as Cisco is very popular in the IT world.  However, Cisco’s industrial offering isn’t as solid.  This company had constant communication failures between their cranes and offices, and had been fighting with their equipment (and Cisco) for a couple of years trying to solve their problem.  The environment at the steel factory is challenging as it consists of a crane that is constantly moving, steel is piled up everywhere and is constantly being moved, and there are semi-trucks coming and going throughout the day.
The Valin® engineering team worked with one of the main equipment engineers at the steel company to assess their problem.  The equipment engineer provided a sketch of the building and the grounds so we could see what they were up against. One of Valin®’s senior application engineers then diagramed out the situation to pinpoint where the issue was.  Once he had this information he was able to figure out the best solution.  He recommended a new technology (802.11n) that was on the market that would allow for higher throughput and a more robust wireless signal given their challenging environment.  The steel company's equipment engineer was very impressed with our responsiveness and our quick resolution to their problem.  They had been trying to get Cisco to help them solve this same problem for years!
Valin® was able to solve their problem quickly because of our engineering expertise and our understanding of the technology needed in this situation. We were also able to lower their costs as these units were less expensive than the Cisco units and this new technology only required that they use one unit instead of the two that they were currently using. The end result is that they now have a system that works consistently and they no longer have to struggle.
This company now has a solution partner who understand their business and who has the expertise to help them with their problems.