The Benefits of Upgrading to Electronic Camming

By Corey Foster and Kent Martins


Valin assisted a customer in upgrading their winding machine to replace a manually controlled axis with a motorized one, allowing them better controlled motion synchronized to one of the existing axes.


The customer had a winder with a manual adjustment on the Slew axis (shown in the BEFORE image below). However, the manual controls did not allow them to properly adjust the Slew axis. The adjustments had to be made in a non-linear fashion over the course of the winding in combination with the Eye Yaw axis. Their current manual method, which involved stopping the machine periodically to make an adjustment, didn’t keep their fibers from folding over one another because they couldn’t make the adjustments fast enough in synchronization with the Eye Yaw axis. 

The customer chose to make these modifications themselves with Valin’s support rather than using the original OEM of the machine.


The solution was to add a motor-controlled Slew axis (shown in the AFTER image below). This would allow them to electronically cam the Slew axis, synchronized to the position of the Eye Yaw axis with information passed over the automation field bus, providing them the non-linear control they needed.

By being able to pass the Eye Yaw axis’ positon over the automation bus, the newly installed Slew axis was able to follow it with its own internal cam profile.  Normally, this would require modification to the existing controller’s programming.  With this solution, however, the existing controller remained completely untouched.

The customer made the mechanical additions and electronic installations themselves, while Valin sized and selected the motor and gearbox, then worked onsite for two days to help them integrate the electronics into their existing drive system.

Upgrading to Electronic Camming


The result to the customer is greater control and a fully automated system especially without needing to modify the existing controller’s program.  They can even modify the cam profile for each product still without needing to touch the sophisticated controller of the system.  Previously the customer couldn’t perform the work they wanted to.  This machine allowed them to layer their filaments accurately against each other resulting in their producing a superior product.

The benefit of their partnering with Valin was relying on Valin’s product and technology expertise to help select and integrate the components into their existing system.  Their deadline was tight but was successfully attained only because they were able to rely on Valin’s expertise.

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