Critical Parts Replacement Saves Refinery $30K in Compliance


During an observation at a refinery, chemists noticed the sample cylinders currently installed at their facility did not have the latest features specified by the Department of Transportation (DOT) / Cal-OSHA regulations. The sample cylinders should be fitted with a modulating pressure relief device. The existing needle valve / rupture disk combination fitting DOT 3A and 3E sample gas cylinders did not provide the proper relief mechanism. It was reported to the quality control division where the risk was recognized and resulted in an action item that the Maintenance & Reliability team had to resolve.


Valin assessed the issue and recommended replacing the rupture disc with a bushing and relief valve, set at 1800 psi. The recommendation was reviewed with the Instrument Mechanical team leader, a QCD stake holder, the local PED representative for PRVs, the ETC sample gas cylinder subject matter expert, and the PRO maintenance planner/scheduler. Everyone agreed that the change should be implemented and Valin was called in to handle the installation.

Customer Benefits

This safety improvement issue could have been costly for the refinery, but Valin's solution allowed them to keep their existing valves by replacing critical parts that then made the entire system compliant with DOT/Cal-OSHA regulations.

The cost for a new valve along with the relief valve assembly would have cost $800 apiece. Valin provided 100 relief valve assemblies to-date at a cost of $500 per valve, for a total cost savings of $30,000 to the customer.