Improve Sustainability with IIoT

Reducing your carbon footprint and enhancing sustainability are imperatives in today’s world, driven by Net Zero goals. ISO 50001, the global standard for energy management systems, raises the bar. Compliance enables companies in certain cases to qualify for governmental financial support. Emerson's expertise in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and sustainability-enhancing products and software provide the right actionable insights for optimized energy management.

Air Monitoring & Leakage Detection

A typical manufacturing plant may lose 30 percent of its compressed air to leaks, reducing productivity, and requiring hefty maintenance costs. Emerson provides monitoring and maintenance tools that test for pressure drops and peaks in real time, and gauge efficiency over the long haul, thereby optimizing consumption and productivity. Whether monitoring one device or an entire plant, Emerson’s solutions are flexible and driven by the customer’s needs.

Pneumatic System Optimization

Analysis of pneumatic systems is critical for achieving optimal performance and early detection of problems. Emerson solutions help to find and maintain the Optimal Point by reducing pressure where the cycle time won’t be affected. This protects productivity by keeping equipment running safely and reduces air flow and consumption.

Multi-Media Monitoring

In addition to compressed air, Emerson solutions monitor other utilities such as water, steam or other gases, and electricity. This can be critical in industries such as beverage production, in which equipment cleaning and changeover between batches must be streamlined. Customers can deploy Emerson’s Edge analytics dashboard to gauge efficiency, optimize productivity and avoid or reduce downtime.

Reduce Emissions

Increasingly stringent emissions regulations require the energy sector and other industries to up their game. Emerson’s innovative solutions help optimize the manufacturing process, which ultimately reduces pollution. Our components and analytical systems are designed to measure emissions, improve consumption metrics, enhance the collection of dust or other waste, and bolster preventative maintenance. By helping customers stay on top of these factors in real time, Emerson is an ally in corporate sustainability goals.

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