Plastic Resin & Synthetic Fiber Mfr Gets Valuable Assistance

A plastic resin & synthetic fiber manufacturer in Kalama, WA that produces specialty chemicals used in many name-brand consumer products including personal care, fragrance, food and beverage, was recently tasked with adding a new fragrance production line to their plant. The new process involves corrosive raw materials and a mixture of process temperatures, some as high as 800°F. The project timeline was relatively short as the new processing line needed to meet market demand.

Several of Valin’s technical specialists played crucial roles in providing this customer with an integrated valve solution. One specialist provided site support and consulting by completely understanding the system requirements and educating the customer on their options. The value he provided came from helping the customer to upgrade from their old standard of Stonel Quartz switches and separate solenoids to the new Stonel Axiom with integrated switching. The Axiom offers a new DC option that allows for simpler integration with the customer’s factory PLC control system saving them valuable installation time and expense. Another specialist provided comprehensive valve sizing with valve body and seat material compatibility references. A third Valin specialist served as the quarterback, matching the other technical specialists contributions to customer goals and the project timeline.

The integrated solution consisted mostly of on/off valves; Jamesbury and Neles 7150 / 9150 and XT Series in both soft and metal seat configurations. It also integrated the valve actuation by combining the Quadra Power with the VPVL.

The valve packages started to arrive in November, and will all be on site prior to year end, allowing the customer to meet their short startup schedule. As they’ve installed the valves, the customer has found the Stonel Axiom switches to be very easy to integrate with their control system. Although the customer recognizes our value in helping them meet their rapid production line startup, their greatest benefit will be realized over the coming years as they enjoy the production up-time and maintenance savings with the Metso valve product’s documented superior reliability and durability.

Valin’s team of technical specialists is truly what sets us apart from other distributors.