Manufacturer Machine Safety Challenge Averted with Valin Pneumatics Solutions

A leading manufacturer was facing a safety challenge on one of their critical pieces of equipment in their manufacturing process. This equipment demanded a fail-safe pneumatic redundant solenoid valve mechanism. This mechanism was needed to enable quick air dumping while ensuring a slow, controlled start to avoid pressure spikes and potential equipment damage down the line. Implementing a redundant safety system was important to prevent accidents and protect their equipment.

In their pursuit of a suitable solution, the customer initially utilized SMC's VP544-5DZ1-03N-M-X55 solenoid valve on their machines. Unfortunately, the product fell short of their expectations. The primary issues were the inability to provide rapid downstream pressure depletion and unreliable slow starting, leading to immediate pressure rises and potential equipment slamming at the point of use. The customer sought a quick dump, slow start redundant valve system equipped with position feedback to meet their specific requirements. Disappointed with SMC's offering, the customer found itself in a challenging position, needing an alternative solution to ensure the safety and efficiency of its machines.

Aventics 8652 Redundant Safety Exhaust Valve
Valin was at the customer’s facility at the right time and was told about the situation with the machines and needing a reliable Redundant Safety Solenoid Valve with quick exhaust and slow start. After initially trying SMC’s solution, which fell short of their performance expectations, Valin’s team offered a crossover... Aventics 8652A8S53N111F1 model. This 8652 Redundant Safety Exhaust Valve has a Cat 3 PLd Safety that is required for these kinds of Machine Safety applications, High Exhaust for quick depletion of downstream pressure, slow start with a gradual increase of downstream pressure and full once 70% inlet pressure is reached and position feedback. Valin offered a sample for the customer’s team to test the valve on the machine.

The customer thoroughly tested the Aventics 8652A8S53N111F1 unit. They were impressed by its exceptional performance and fail-safe features, position feedback, and 1 Million+ life cycles. Delighted with the results, the customer’s team enthusiastically declared, "It works, let's order!" They swiftly placed an order for 70 Aventics units, intending to equip a few of their machines in the first round with this reliable and robust solution in the future. Once installed, the Aventics units lived up to their promise, flawlessly safeguarding the machines against potential machine safety hazards. In the future, the customer intends to equip the remaining machines with Valin’s Safety Redundant Exhaust Valve solution.

The successful implementation of the Aventics 8652A8S53N111F1 unit not only addressed the customer's immediate need for a fail-safe system, but also strengthened their trust in Valin’s pneumatics support and capabilities. Pleased with the outcome, the customer's team has since engaged in discussions with Valin about potential solutions for other pneumatics applications in their manufacturing process.

In conclusion, the customer's journey with Valin’s solutions showcases the power of finding the right solution to address specific challenges and ensure the safety and efficiency of their machines. With this success, the customer continues to explore new opportunities to collaborate with Valin and embrace innovative solutions that drive their business forward.

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