Parker IX | Introducing The Latest InteractX PowerStation

Parker’s Electromechanical and Drives Division North America is pleased to announce the release of the IX – Parker InteractX PowerStation and the PCA – Parker Industrial PC PowerStation. The IX runs on the same base hardware and software as the PCA Industrial PC PowerStation but with one key difference: the IX comes pre-loaded with Parker’s powerful supervisory HMI runtime, InteractX™.

The PCA/IX is not a standard Industrial PC and Windows HMI series; every aspect of their design protects against common failure modes to provide long-lasting and reliable operation and to eliminate machine downtime and maintenance. The IX/PCA’s fan-less design allows users to install-and-forget by avoiding the most common component failure in Industrial PCs—the fan. In addition, the IX/PCA’s vent-less design helps shield against metal filings and other contaminants from entering the unit, eliminating any need to internally dust or clean the unit.

Often rigidity comes at the sacrifice of looks—this is not the case with the IX’s and PCA’s sleek cast-aluminum frames. Coupled with a mechanically reinforced SSD and intensive shock and vibration specifications, the IX and PCA are meant to withstand the most intense industrial applications. Yet, their minimal bezels and cabinet depths provide a modern solution that reduces intrusion into the cabinet and minimizes installation area.

Every application running on the IX and PCA will be powered with the 1.83 GHz and 4GB DDR3L RAM running an unstripped version of Windows Embedded Standard 7P (WES7P). The IX and PCA can communicate freely with multiple devices using dual-LAN, multiple USB, and traditional serial ports. With configurable RS232/422/485 the IX and PCA does not constrain your communication options.

The IX, pre-loaded with the InteractX runtime, offers the software power, features, and flexibility normally reserved for SCADA-level applications in a robust, cost-effective hardware platform. InteractX is a data aggregator with pre-installed drivers capable of collecting information from PLCs, machine-level HMIs and other devices on the factory floor all into a single database. With support for Microsoft Access, SQL, Oracle and ODBC support, InteractX easily works in tandem with customers’ existing systems. InteractX database management allows for automatic table creation, multiple data logging types, and cache and forward data buffering for networked databases. According to Marissa Tucker, Product Marketing Manager of Controls and HMI’s for Parker, these data base capabilities is part of a larger system that creates a solution that gets operationally critical data to the right person whoever they are located on whatever device they choose.

“The IX running InteractX is a critical component in Parker’s Information Anywhere solution,” says Marissa Tucker, controls and HMI product manager “The IX acts as data aggregator that collects machine-level data using its vast library of communication drivers. By collecting all this information in a single database users can begin to see relationships such as bad yields created by specific operator behaviors, perform OEE— Overall Equipment Effectiveness—calculations and reports, or even build predictive machine maintenance algorithms. But information isn’t useful unless it gets to the people who can act on it. When the IX is used in conjunction with our Interact Xpress machine-level and web publishing HMIs, such as the XT, the data can be published to remote PCs, Android and iOS devices using our free Remote Manager application. This solution is not only powerful, but we’ve made it for easy for any OEM machine builder to develop creating added value for them and their customers.”

Even with all these advanced capabilities you'll be able to use InteractX right out of the box, without special IT skills or assistance. Its user-friendly, visual design interface includes styles and templates that enable multiple users to quickly build applications with a consistent “look and feel.” InteractX's toolbin allows custom tools or entire screens to be saved for drag-and-drop into other applications and easy sharing between designers. InteractX is also capable of screen/tag sharing with Interact Xpress, Parker’s machine-level software, reducing development time up to 80% when compared with traditional SCADA packages.

InteractX’s built in 21CFR11 capabilities make the IX particularly attractive for food and beverage industry needing to provide the FDA with audit trails. In fact, this capability makes the IX attractive to any independent factory wanting to log operator changes or need operator authentication. Both the IX and PCA’s industrial ratings provide an attractive solution to OEM machine builders who desire a solution that reduces maintenance and downtime for themselves and the customers they serve. Over-all the IX provides one of the most impressive, easy-to-use supervisory Windows HMI solution while the PCA provides a solid Industrial PC that will stand up to the most demanding Industrial applications.

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