Corrosive Media Low Pressure Monitor ECHOLINE® Series

Incorporating stainless steel sensor technology into ECHOLINE®'s LDP Series product family results in a low pressure monitor capable of operating with corrosive media while monitoring low pressures. ECHOLINE®'s display, switching, analog output and "ECHO" functions are maintained with the added capability of operating with corrosive media. This improvement allows the unit to be used in applications that previously could not be monitored with the ECHOLINE® LDP series. The package is capable fitting two units in the same footprint of one old fashioned gage/switch.

Corrosive Media Low Pressure Monitor ECHOLINE® Series

ECHOLINE® Series Features

  • Corrosive Media Compatability
  • Optional Voltage or Current Output
  • Ranges from 1"WC to 50"WC differential
  • Ranges from 250 Pascal to 20k Pascal differential
  • Line Pressure up to 100 PSI
  • 3 digit LED display
  • Optional automatic reset function
  • Front Panel setpoint and zero adjustability
  • Self-diagnostics
  • 316L SST and FKM wetted materials

Download Corrosive Media Low Pressure Monitor ECHOLINE Series Datasheet

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