Series 4x4® Pneumatic Actuator from Sharpe®

Series 4x4® Pneumatic Actuator from Sharpe®
Sharpe® 4x4® Pneumatic Actuators have four pistons. With twice as many pistons applying torque to the pinion versus a conventional rack & pinion actuator with two pistons, the Sharpe® 4x4® pneumatic actuator generates the same output torque as a conventional rack & pinion actuator in a much smaller and lighter weight design.

Series 4x4® Pneumatic Actuator Design Features:

Why Smaller Is Better
The Sharpe® Pneumatic Actuator Series 4x4® packs more than double the torque of conventional rack and pinion actuators. Due to its four pistons that generate torque around a centrally located pinion. With more pistons in the actuator, it allows their diameter to be smaller while generating higher torque. At the same time, it means the size of the actuator can be more compact.

Why Smaller Is Faster
With four small cylinders each located on one of four sides of the unit and at a given air pressure, the 4x4® produces the same torque output as double piston models using smaller diameter pistons and a narrower pinion. Thanks to the narrower pinion, the pistons travel shorter distances so that they can move faster from one position to the next.

Why Smaller Reduces Air Consumption
The cube shape coupled with pistons traveling shorter distances minimizes size requirements while maximizing torque output. At the same time, shorter piston travel and compact size greatly reduces pressure requirements compared to other designs and results in reduced energy expenditures.

Why Smaller Means Less Stress
It’s a matter of balance. Unlike other designs that produce an off-axis thrust, the 4x4® design positions each piston around the cube so they develop thrust along their own axis. As a result, stressful piston side loading is minimized, putting less stress on seals resulting in less wear.

Why Smaller Is A Better Solution
Because of the four-cylinder design, the 4x4® has many more spring combination possibilities than double piston actuators. This means better solutions under any air pressure requirement. Each chamber can use up to three different spring sizes which nest between the covers and pistons and align by centering rings. Also, springs are wound in opposite directions to avoid tangles during operation.

Why Smaller Is Stronger
For superior corrosion resistance, the body and covers are anodized internally and externally. Plus, they have an external epoxy base layer and a second polyurethane paint to further reduce corrosion in demanding applications. Extended spray wash downs do not create corrosion problems for the actuator.


Download Sharpe® Series 4X4 Pneumatic Actuator Datasheet

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