Hilco Hyflow Duplex Filters

Hilco Hyflow Duplex Filters
Save space and lower equipment costs in all your lube oil filtration applications. Provides continuous flow during transfer and filter changeout.
  • Compact Model - Saves space and costs
  • High Flow Rates -- Up to 75 GPM
  • System Pressure -- Up to 3,000 PSIG
  • Connections -- NPT, ANSI Flanged, SAE
  • Filter Elements -- O-Ring sealed, wide selection

Hilco Hyflow duplex filters provide continuous flow during fluid transfer and cartridge changeout. An integral transfer valve with two stops and a witness mark indicates the side of the filter in use. In-line filtration of fluids up to 3,000 PSIG, ASME Code and non-Code, with flow rates to 75 GPM is possible with these filters. Hilco duplex filters are ideal for cost effective, efficient filtration of fuels, solvents, hydraulic, lube and compressor oils.

  • Specially designed for turbine or compressor systems with high pressure, high flow rate, and minimal dirt load
  • Provides continuous flow during fluid transfer and cartridge changeout
  • Utilizes highly efficient and readily available Hilco “PHCG” Series filter elements
  • Cost-effective and efficient filtration

  • Compact size
  • Beta-rated PHCG cartridges use synthetic PH media and have O-ring seals. The filter media is screen-supported upstream and downstream to withstand high cyclic and pulse flows
  • Fabricated steel construction Integral transfer valve with stops and witness mark to indicate the side of the filter in use
  • Easy to maintain plug-type valve with O-ring seals
  • Zero-leak option for hazardous duty
  • Air vents (plugged)
  • Drains (plugged)
  • Cross-over line (option)
  • Casing O-ring seals
  • Meets API-614 with stainless valve plug (option)
  • Epoxy paint
  • Seal and fuel gas models available

  • High flow rate and high pressure for turbines and compressors with relatively clean fluids
  • Lower flow rate for engines, machine tools and pumps with heavily contaminated fluids

Download the Hilco Hyflow Duplex Filters Datasheet

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