Pneumatic Manifold Retrofit Kits

Valin has engineered drop-in pneumatic manifold replacements that are a perfect solution for your aging fleet of semi tools.
Endura SVD Slit Valve Pneumatic Manifold Replacement for 0010-20052 & 0010-70297

Endura SVD (Slit Valve Door) Pneumatic Manifold Replacement for 0010-20052 & 0010-70297

The AC-150-2321 pneumatic manifold comes as a complete kit for ease of installation. Current Endura pneumatic manifolds 0010-20052 & 0010-70297 are up to 25 years old with potential Cv leakage and are obsolete. Valin’s drop in pneumatic manifold replacement is a complete solution!  Learn more about Valin's Endura SVD (Slit Valve Door) Pneumatic Manifold Replacement.

Centura Gas Box Pneumatic Manifold Replacement for 0190-09487 & 0190-02046

Centura and Centura Ultima Gas Box Pneumatic Manifold Replacement for 0190-09487 & 0190-02046

The AC-150-2444 pneumatic manifold comes as a complete kit for ease of installation. The AC-150-2444 replaces Centura pneumatic manifold part 0190-09487 & 0190-02046 for both the lower gas box (Manifold 1) and upper gas box (Manifold 2). If an NF3 interlock is required, the AC-150-2466 NF3 Adaptor Kit can be added to the AC-150-2444 manifold kit. Learn more about Valin's Centura Gas Box Pneumatic Manifold Replacement.

Centura and Centura Ultima Chamber Pneumatic Manifold Replacement for
0190-20124 & 0190-20148

centura chamber pneumatic manifold 0190-20124 0190-20148 AC-150-2463
The AC-150-2463 Centura Chamber and the AC-150-2459 Centura Ultima pneumatic manifolds come as a complete kit for ease of installation. These are 14 Station, 14 Valve Manifolds and replace the existing pneumatic manifolds. Each kit includes a pneumatic manifold with SVD LOTO On/Off control valve, mounting plate, PCB and cable. As a complete drop-in solution these are pneumatically, electrically, physically compatible with the Centura and Ultima chamber assemblies. Both improve reliability and the larger valve Cv results in faster response times. Learn more about Valin's Centura and Centura Ultima Chamber Pneumatic Manifold Replacement.

Case Study: Semifab Reduces Wafer Scrap with Pneumatic Manifold Retrofit Kits

Case Study: Semi Fab Eliminates Air Leaks with Easy to Install Manifold Retrofit Kits

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