Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge Heaters
Cartridge heaters are an extraordinarily versatile and durable product that is used to heat a myriad different processes from heavy industrial – plastics and packaging applications to critical care medical devices and analytical test instruments to being used on aircrafts, railcars and trucks. Cartridge heaters are capable of operating at temperatures of up to 1400F and achieving watt densities of up to 260 watts per square inch. Available from stock or custom manufactured to your individual application need, they are available in many different imperial and metric diameters and lengths with many different style terminations, wattage and voltage ratings.

Cartridge heaters are an excellent choice to use as a conductive source for heating solid metal plates, blocks and dies or as a convective heat source for use in a variety of liquids and gases. Cartridge heaters can be used in a vacuum atmosphere with proper design guidelines.

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Insertion Cartridge Heaters

Insertion Cartridge Heaters are highly compacted to produce excellent heat transfer capabilities and the dielectric and physical strength necessary for long life and outstanding performance. These cartridge heaters are designed for applications where high operating temperatures are required.

Immersion Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge Immersion heaters are designed to meet individual Customer specifications and are an excellent choice for Life Science Instruments; Transportation vehicle applications like onboard SCR/DEF systems, engine block preheating, aircraft galley and lavatory water heating; Portable Power Generators; and Chemical Processing.

Split Sheath Cartridge Heaters

Split Sheath Insertion Heaters are specially designed for platen, die or mold heating applications where the holes are poorly drilled or worn through age.

High Temperature Cartridge Heaters

Maxi-Zone Heaters are the most rugged style heaters. These heaters can achieve continuous sheath temperatures up to 2000°F (1095°C). The Inconel 600 sheath allows efficient operation at extreme temperatures.

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