PCO2 Carbon Dioxide Quality Incident Protection Systems | Filtration Technology

For over 20 years, Parker Hannifin (and the former company domnick hunter) have been the trusted partner for bottling plants across the globe. They have delivered a robust and reliable CO2 quality incident protection system which has provided peace of mind for our customers.

Parker are pleased to announce the launch of the next generation PCO2 system.

The next generation offers a significantly improved design, in line with our customer needs, whilst ensuring contamination free CO2.

New features and benefits include:
  • 12-month service interval - new cartridge constructed utilising latest adsorbent technology provides an extended service life
  • Reduced system height providing an improved ease of access
  • A redesigned manifold provides simplified installation and maintenance
  • Single man service operation reduces downtime and lowers cost of ownership
  • Improved sealing mechanisms, minimizing the possibilities of leaks
  • Additional safety measures, the new design will not function without a cartridge installed
  • Improved design with new corrosion resistant feet

Typically, next generation PCO2 Quality Incident Protection Systems will provide a reduced cost of ownership of 35%+ over a ten year operational period, through reduced aftermarket procurement. Subsequently both third party maintenance labour costs and production downtime are reduced offering potential cost savings of up to 50%.

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