How to Setup the Baumer Vision System Smart Camera Using a VeriSense Application Suite

Hello everyone, I'm Tom Trinh, Senior Application Engineer for Valin Corporation.

Today I will illustrate how to set up the Baumer Vision System Smart camera using a VeriSens application suite. 

So what you see here is a good Cap that was twisted all the way down to the bottle. The idea is if there's any gap in between the cap and the bottle, it's a fail. So how do we set that up? First thing is we're going to click add here, going to select part location on contour, we're going to click OK and we're going to draw the model. I'm going to use this cap here as a model. I'm going to select straight here so it's faster. I'm going to limit the search area, which is like so, and I'm going to click Teach, OK, Test to make sure the corner is tracking wherever the cap moves horizontally, which is great, So we have that. The next thing is we're going to generate a distance tool. We're going to use this reference here for that tool. So to do that, we're going to click Check Features again. I’m going to click Add. We're going to select Geometry tab and select Distance tool and click OK. So at this point I'm going to draw an arrow, I'm going to draw one more arrow. I'm going to make this a little bit longer down here just in case there's a gap. So there is this one as well. And I'm going to select from bright to dark for both arrows. I'm going to click teach. Now you notice this right now the gap from the tip of the cap here to the bottom is about 124 pixels. This is a threshold that you can change. So we're going to find out how much. Yeah, I'm going to put it in here. The bad bottle. OK, so the bad bottle is 141, so it's already failed, but you can change it here whatever you want to. OK, I'm going to try and make sure. Yep. No matter where the bottle is,  it fails. If there's a gap, It will fail. I'm going to put back the good bottle and voila.

So that's how you set up the Baumer vision system, smart camera with the Varisens application suite. If you have any questions, please call the number below and thank you for watching.

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