CT4 High Speed Cartesian Robot, 4 Axis, High Acceleration Deceleration

High-speed Cartesian Robot That Shortens Assembly/Inspection Cycle Times by Operating at High Speed, Ensuring High Rigidity and Demonstrating Excellent Straight Moving Performance.

High-speed operation with commanded acceleration of up to 3.2 G (maximum instantaneous acceleration: 4.8 G)

1: Rotational Axis Specification: Newest Addition to the Series
You can now specify a CT4 robot having an ultra-compact rotational axis installed at the end of the vertical axis. The rotational axis lets you change the moving or aligning direction of the work, thereby expanding the scope of applications of the CT4 series further.

2: High Speed & High Acceleration/Deceleration
Shorten the cycle time of your equipment by operating at the maximum speed of 2500 mm/s and maximum acceleration of 3.2 G.

3: Efficient Operation Range
A wide operation range of 400 mm (X-axis) x 300 mm (Y-axis) is ensured. Square operation ranges have no wasteful space and are more efficient compared to those of multi-jointed robots and parallel-link robots that can only operate in circles due to their structure.

4: High Rigidity, Easy to Install
Rotational Axis
Comparison of Standard Cycle Times
IAI's Cartesian robot Acceleration/ deceleration: 1.2 G
High-speed 180° Cartesian robot
Acceleration/ deceleration: 3.2 G
1 cycle: 0.558 sec
1 cycle: 0.379 sec
32% shorter
Boasting high frame rigidity, the CT4 has great acceleration capabilities and is subject to less vibration. While the parallel-link robot is installed above the work part and thus normally requires a dedicated base, the CT4 can be installed easily on a plane at the same height as the work part.

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