Control Valve Overview Webinar
This one hour webinar includes an overview of the most common control valve styles, including a comparison of the economics and versatility of these different control valve types. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion in the mail.
Liquid Flow in Control Valves
This one hour webinar discusses the nature of the flow of liquids through control valves. The mechanisms of choked flow, cavitation and flashing are discussed along with the resulting potential for valve damage and excessive noise. Methods of eliminating cavitation damage, both through valve style selection, and process modifications are discussed.
Gas Flow and Aerodynamic Noise in Control Valves
This one hour webinar discusses the nature of the flow of gas through control valves including choked flow and how experimentally determined valve parameters are incorporated in the valve sizing  calculations. A short discussion of basic acoustics is presented to provide an understanding of noise terminology.
Control Valves and Process Variability
This one hour webinar points out that about half the time when a process measurement is varying to the point where it affects process efficiency or product quality, the cause can be traced to a poorly performing control valve.
Installed Gain as a Control Valve Selection Criterion
This one hour webinar explains the meaning of control valve installed gain and the benefits of using an installed gain analysis to select a control valve that will be able to control well in a particular system.
Effect of Control Valve Sizing and Flow Characteristic on Controllability
This one hour webinar discusses the difference between a control valve’s inherent and installed flow characteristic, and defines the two most commonly found inherent flow characteristics.