Valin Meets Stringent Turnaround Deadline for Refinery


A refinery can process up to 72,000 barrels of oil per day (bpd). In addition to processing oil, refineries can produce gasoline, gasoline blendstocks, jet fuel, diesel fuel, heating oil and heavy fuel oils, propane, and asphalt. One of Valin’s refinery customers planned a maintenance outage and as the outage date approached an urgent need developed for replacement of two critical control valves. Lead time was important as well as process performance.


Valin’s technical specialists worked with their top valve supplier to provide a solution to meet the high-pressure requirements and critical delivery needs.  The final solution included two-piece metal seated ball valves for severe service applications with a class 6 shutoff and specialty actuators for low air pressure and position switches. The refinery had also recently implemented a new Low Emission Standard for all Valves ~ Stem Leak Rates of 100ppm or less. Valin was able to meet the stringent standard utilizing a specialty stem packing arrangement.

This was a high priority project for the refinery and Valin's technical team spent considerable time engineering the correct solution and consulting with the customer.

Customer Benefits

The refinery was able to meet their strict deadline in replacing the two critical control valves before the planned outage. Timely, effective communication was also critical for this project. Our responsiveness played a key role in securing the business.