One-Stop-Shop Valve Solution with Certified RCS for Refinery Turnaround

A large refinery in California was conducting a turnaround and needed new emergency safety shut off valves as part of their regeneration process.  They were working with an engineering firm to assist with this process and the engineering team contacted Valin. Valin’s team reviewed all of the specifications and had an in-depth discussion with the engineering firm. It was determined that the customer would need process valves for their chopper valve application.  These chopper valves demand redundant solenoid valves to pilot them. Valin’s team put together a valve package along with Emerson’s Redundant Control System (RCS). The RCS is the only pilot valve system that has no single point of failure that could result in an unwanted closure of the process valve.  The Redundant Control System is fit for use in SIL 3 applications and greatly reduces false trip rates.

Valin’s team also recommended that the customer add third party Class 1 Div. 2, Group B, C and D certifications on the RCS solution due to the stringent safety rules in California.  The customer was concerned as this is a time-consuming process and neither the refinery nor the engineering firm was interested in going through this process based on their past experiences. Valin clearly understood the customers situation and had meetings with various certification providers.  We were able to find a certifier that met the refinery’s specifications and provided a Limited Product Certification (LPC) plan to opt out from field certification (which is the most time consuming part of the process). We were able to get the Redundant Control System’s with class rating labels shipped out to the customer in a timely manner. This certification offers UL 508:2018 Ed.18, UL 508A:2018 Ed.3+R, and UL 1203:2013 Ed.5+R to make the RCS a Class 1 Div 2, Group B, C and D rated product. This process benefited both the refinery and the engineering firm by saving time and preventing the third-party certifier from coming out and performing field certifications. 

Valin offered a one-stop-shop solution with competitive pricing to both the engineering firm and the refinery for both the process valves and the Emerson Redundant Control System with UL certification. Valin’s solution assisted the customer in overcoming issues they had gone through in the past with other vendors who took a significantly long time to get panels approved with the class ratings at a significantly higher price.

Valin’s strong in-house technical expertise on the valve automation packages and Emerson’s RCS panels assisted the customer in specifying the right solution.

Read Emerson’s white paper Doubling Up On Safety to learn more about the benefits of their Redundant Control System.