Mining Operation's Critical Processes Operate Without interruption Thanks to a Complete Turnkey Heat Trace Solution

The demand for molybdenum is increasing among the petroleum refining, electronics and aerospace industries and a large mining operation recently enlisted Valin Corporation to help them take advantage of this opportunity.
The mining operation is building its own molybdenum autoclave process (MAP) facility, which will be the first of its kind and dramatically increase the production of molybdenum and rhenium. The MAP facility uses a tremendous amount of process fluids—water, oil, cleaning agents and chemicals—all requiring heat trace. The mining operation required a contractor to provide a complete turnkey solution for their heat trace needs including engineering, design, sizing, materials (heat trace and insulation), installation and project management. Only Valin was able to execute and provide the total solution.
Through Valin’s mobile technology vehicle (MTV), the Valin team was able to educate the mining operation’s engineering firm on how to specify heat trace and how to choose the proper cable type for each application. This led to a solution using Chromalox for the correct heat trace application.
Chromalox and Valin partnered with Insulators, Inc. to help meet all the safety and licensing requirements, as well as the scope of the overall project at the copper mine. Together, Valin, Chromalox and Insulators, Inc. have provided the copper mine with a total solution package that included engineering, design, and a complete bill of material for the heat trace, controls and insulation, as well as installation of all heat trace on the new MAP facility.
The responsibility of freeze protection and process maintenance of the mining operation’s critical fluid processes will be taken care of by a reliable team that is trusted by the mine. The heat trace system is one item that the mining operation wanted to manage themselves because no matter what the ambient conditions are at the new MAP facility, their critical processes will continue to operate without interruption, saving them time lost during production and money.
Once the MAP facility is completed, Valin’s solution will play a part in the first MAP facility with sustainable benefits that includes combined heat and power system, low energy consumption and heat recovery system on autoclave.
Valin’s effort to build relationships, compile a comprehensive team and provide a complete solutions package for customer’s consistently sets them apart from the competition.