Hardware Costs Reduced for Waste Disposal Systems Manufacturer

Over the last few years a leading manufacturer of waste (linen/trash) disposal systems have relied on a well-known brand PLC and their HMI software as the backbone of their controls systems. While the current solutions work for most applications, the new engineering team had to find another solution to reduce overall system cost, reduce technical support cost, implement the new solution in less than four-months (normally takes eight to ten months for typical installation), and they needed to come up with a much more open-solution in order to meet the customer’s needs.
The Valin® team was called in to solve a problem that the manufacturer was having with their existing hardware. The people there were so impressed with the Valin® team’s knowledge and quick response, that they asked them to come up with a solution to their cost and maintenance issues. The Valin® team recommended the Parker CTC InteractX SCADA solution and Parker EPX industrial workstation as the basis of their HMI, and communication with the PLC. Valin® was able to get the products in the hands of the customer within their specified time frame and allowed them to get their system installed at the local hospital within the four month window they promised. Valin® was able to reduce the hardware and software costs substantially.
Valin®’s solution not only reduced the hardware and software costs for the customer, but it also eliminated the annual technical support contract to their old supplier. The customer was able to get their system installed faster at the end users facility, which means that they can now take on new projects, resulting more profitable sales revenues.