Fiber Packaging Plant Increases ROI with Turnkey Solution


A developer and manufacturer of molded-fiber packaging was struggling with controlling the consistency of the pulp feed stock in their manufacturing process. They tried numerous solutions with little to no success. This was due in large part to the fact that they were forced to use numerous vendors for the equipment needed to control their pulp consistency. Their supplies did not offer a full solution to measure, control, and automate their process. The outcome was an inconsistent product that would burn due to a thick pulp stock that dried too fast, or wet stock that took excessive time to dry and wasted time and resources.


One of Valin's technical specialists visited the company to better understand their operation and pain points. He then put together a full turnkey solution to present to the customer using a microwave consistency transmitter, control valve, and single-loop flow controller. The customer has now been running with this Valin solution for over a month with almost perfect process control and complete satisfaction.

Customer Benefits

Valin's solution allowed the manufacturer control of their feed stock process providing them with a consistent quality product for the first time since they opened their doors. They have less down time, eliminated waste and off spec products, lowered their energy costs, and provided their customers with a consistent product every time. The company is now focused on Valin as their primary supplier for all of their process heat, filtration, process controls, automation, fluid power, and fluid handling needs.