Electronic Test & Measurement Manufacturer Improves Production

A large electronic test & measurement instruments manufacturing company was using a legacy production tool for “Mesh Cutting” gold for electrical circuit connections that was developed over 20 years ago.  This equipment is critical to their process for high precision cuts of gold mesh.  Many of the parts for this tool have been discontinued and their concern was that they had no back up if this system went down.  We saw a larger opportunity to help them.
Valin’s technical specialists reviewed their current system and proposed a complete turn-key solution.  The proposal included updated hardware and controls, but we went further to recommend a custom workstation for mounting the “Mesh Cutter” system.  We also proposed using our in-house engineering capabilities to handle the programming for turnkey operation.  One of our key integrators, Saber Engineering, helped design the control box and handled the mounting and auto-alignment of the actuators.
Our proposed solution exceeded the customer’s expectation by offering a turnkey package which offered major improvements to their current process.
With integrated high precision actuators, Parker’s HMI, and a vision system, the solution delivered a simplified operator interface making the system easier to handle job changes and easier to accommodate future system upgrades.
These improvements delivered value to the customer through:
  •  Higher process utilization
  •  Improved yields in production
  •  Improved operator safety with shields to protect fingers from razor sharp edges
  •  Security of having backup system parts
We were able to address the customer concerns for avoiding costly downtime, but with Valin’s in-house engineering capabilities we were also able to deliver value to the customer by upgrading one of their critical production processes.